How to customize your settings

Do you find it difficult to understand the functionality of numerous settings? Actually, managing your workspace is easier than it seems. This article breaks down the features of each element of the Settings section. Read it and find out how to efficiently customize your workspace

Settings is the section that you can find at the bottom of the navigation bar. It includes tools for managing other sections of the workspace or your personal settings. Here you can find the following subsections:

Calendar settings

Desk settings

Inbox settings

Team members

User settings

User settings
The first subsection you should customize is the User settings subsection. It includes the main tools for managing your workspace. Once you’ve adjusted your personal settings, you can go to other sections’ settings. To start customizing user’s settings, follow these instructions:

Click on the Settings section in the navigation bar.

In the drop-down window, select the User settings subsection.

After clicking, you’ll be redirected to a new window with several units of settings for your workspace.

In the Account unit, enter the location of your company in the Location line.

After this, enter your job title in the Company position line. In case your whole team is added to this workspace, this option allows you to see the role of each member.

The next step is selecting a default workspace by clicking the Default workspace line. This workspace is the one you'll be automatically redirected to every time you log into the Sanity Desk system.

Once you’ve adjusted the account settings, click the Save profile button.

After this, click on the Tickets notifications unit in the upper part of the window. Here, you can choose the way you want to be notified about any updates of the tickets you deal with.

In this window, you can see a table with kinds of notifications in the left part and ways of notifying in the right part.

Tick the box next to the All, Email, Web, or Desktop options and click on the Save changes button below.

After this, go to the Deals notifications unit. Here you can see the options identical to those of the Tickets notifications unit only in terms of deals.

Follow the instructions above to adjust your deals notifications settings and click on the Save changes button at the end.

The next step is clicking on the Appointments notifications unit. Here you can manage the notifications about your bookings by ticking the boxes next to the options of notifying. Click on the Save changes button once you’ve finished customizing.

Click on the Connected accounts unit in the upper part of the window to select your account that will be connected to the Sanity desk system.

Click on the Sign in with Google button and select your account in the pop-up window.

In the Integration unit, you can include any software on your website. To do it, enter the information about its API endpoint, workspace ID, and API key in the respective lines.

In case your current API key doesn’t work, click on the Get new API key button to receive a new one. You can also use this option when you need to get another API key to connect an additional resource to your website.

Team members
The Team members subsection includes the accounts of people working in your teams. You can get an overview of their desk roles and tickets they follow, assign, or open. To do so, follow these steps:

Click on the team member’s profile.

In the upper part of the new window, you’ll see the information about their email address and location.

You can get more details about the member’s tasks by clicking on either of these units:

-Desk roles

-Deals boards roles

-Opened tickets

-Assigned to tickets

-Followed tickets


To change the member’s email, company position, or board details, click on the Edit details button in the upper right corner of the window.

Inbox settings

The Inbox settings subsection includes the tools which help you create an inbox through which you can manage your messaging. To add an inbox, follow these steps:

Click on the New inbox button in the upper right corner of the window.

You’ll see the new Adding inbox pop-up window.

In the Name line, enter the name of the inbox.

In the Account line, select the connected account. If you don’t have an account connected to the Sanity Desk system, follow the instructions above to find out how to do it.

Once you’ve selected the account, click the Confirm button below.

After you’ve created the inbox, you’ll see a new Messages subsection in the navigation bar. In this section, you can manage your correspondence. To get more information on how to do it, follow this link.

Desk settings
This subsection includes the tools for managing your client and team desks. You can select the type of desks by clicking on the Team desks or Client desks unit in the upper part of the window.

Here, you can also create new desks and edit the desks you already have. Follow these link to find out more about the features of managing[ team desks ]( and client desks.

Calendar settings
The Calendar settings subsection contains the tools that can create and manage your calendar. Once you have a calendar, you can include in it your appointments and the information about their scheduling.

To find out more about these features, follow the link to this article.

In case you have any questions related to this topic, feel free to contact our support team right away.
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