How to add a CTA?

A short and informative guide on managing Call To Action buttons.

When you go to Page builder --> All pages --> select/create a page --> Choose there a block with Call To Action button you can find the CTA settings at the bottom of the Edit section.

In the Align line, choose the position of the CTA: left, center, or right.

In the Style line, define one of the styles: main, secondary, or third, which means the color of the CTA.

In the Text line, enter the text which will appear on the CTA.

In the Link line, choose the type of link connected to the CTA: internal, email, telephone, external, section, modal. According to this, you can add the link that leads to any internal page, email address, phone number, any external resources like YouTube, Google Drive, etc., other sections of this page or modal form.

To activate the type, you have to enter needed information in the field that will appear: an external link, page or section ID, phone number, or email address.
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