Paypal, Stripe and 2CheckOut: What’s the difference?

SanityDesk platform supports 3 types of credit card processors: PayPal, Stripe and 2CheckOut. It is important for you to choose the right payment platform that suits your business’ needs. We have prepared this guide to help you understand what are advantages and disadvantages of each platform and which one is the best for you.

Is an American company operating an online payments system in the majority of countries. Through this platform you will be able to:

PayPal Here mPOS

Online and in-app invoicing

Donation and Buy buttons

Mass payouts

Paypal offers special accounts for Enterprises and SMEs by providing tools that simplify corporate payments. Using an SME account allows you to accept payments in crypto, through QR codes and links as take advantage of risk management carried out by PayPal. Business Paypal account also helps you to set membership areas, manage pricing for your offers, shipping and inventory management. In addition to that, Paypal Provides services such as label printing, tracking payments and live customer support.

The SME account transaction fees are the following:

SME and Private PayPal accounts are free of charge, have no subscription nor cancellation cost.

Pros and Cons

See the following link to identify which plan works for you the best!

Stripe is an Irish-American financial services and software company It has a more complex interface and way larger amount of services offered to users. However, through stripe you can carry out transactions, manage taxes, corporate finance and even request financing for your business. Stripe is almost entirely focused on eCommerce. To that end, it offers a powerful suite of developer tools for integrating Stripe’s payment features into your shopping cart or eCommerce site.

Stripe offers following services

Support for credit cards, ACH, and localized payment methods

Support for online and in-app checkouts

A pre-built embeddable checkout form (Checkout), plus the ability to either build a form from scratch or use pre-built components (Elements)

Invoicing, recurring billing, and subscription tools

Additional tools are:

Stripe Radar: Advanced fraud management tools

Stripe Sigma: SQL-based business intelligence

Stripe Connect: Marketplace and platform-building tools

Stripe Issuing: Generate physical and virtual cards for purposes such as employee expense accounts

Stripe account fees:

Stripe is free of charge; no subscription nor annulation fees.

Pros and Cons

See the following link to identify which plan works for you the best!

2 Check Out
2CheckOut is a leading all-in-one monetization platform. The platform allows to carry out and receive the payments online globally.

The company offers three packages with various add-ons:

2Sell - the most basic package that allows you to simply receive payment for the service/good sold with additional support.

2Subscribe - all services provided in 2sell + subscription management tools, CRM to avoid churn, finance analytics.

2Monetize - all services provided in 2subscribe + over 45 payment options , invoice management, optimize conversion rate and more.

2CheckOut Fees

See the following link to identify which plan works for you the best!

All 3 platforms have various packages depending on the needs and activity of your business.

Creating a business account will help to obtain more privacy, when receiving/making the payment to/from customers.

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