How to create a FREE workspace

This article will help you to create a FREE workspace in SanityDek software.

If you want to create a workspace you need to open on your computer and follow the next steps:

In the right upper corner click the button Create a workspace.

You will see the next window:

Here you need to create the name of your workspace (it can be the name of your business or just your first and last name, as nobody can see it, only you).

Also create a subdomain name (no worries, you will have a chance to change it later). Click the Continue button.

Chose the plan for your workspace (in your case you need to choose a FREE one, the box with it will become green). Click Continue button.

You need to fill in the form with your billing details (it asks only your company name and some additional questions, no need to leave your card details here). Click Proceed.

Now you have access to your own workspace (Marketing and Support areas)

Here are some articles about both areas and their features:

Marketing overview article link

Support overview article link

You will also receive a notification letter, that your workspace is created, you can follow the link from the email to access it:

In case you have any questions related to this topic, feel free to contact our support team right away.
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