Would you like to easily get all the needed information from your users? Then mastering forms creating and editing is a must-have for you.

In this article you will find a guide on how to create, edit, and manage your forms.

Step 1. Info preparation****

Forms is a special tool created to require information from customers. Although they might differ, all of them have one task – get some data that will be used in future. Typically, forms ask from two to six questions. This number is up to you depending on how much data you’d like to request.

Before starting working with forms, make sure you have a full vision about what information you need. For that, find some time and make a list. But don’t make it too long as usually clients don’t enjoy sharing too much personal info and filling lots of fields one-by-one.

Step 2. New form creation

As soon as you’re ready with your list, it’s time to create your first form. For that, follow the steps bellow:

Go to your Open Marketing, then Site Tools --> Forms.

Click on the New form button in the top right corner of the screen. On the right side of the screen, you will find three main blocks: Search existing fields, Frequently used fields and All fields.

As you find the field you need, drag and drop it in the Add here line. Pay attention that this line has to become the blue color for the block to appear.

* Frequently used fields

For your convenience, we selected all the fields that you most likely will need and put them together in this section. There is a big chance you will find everything needed here.

Search existing fields

If you can’t find what you need in Frequently used fields, then search for it using this field.

All fields

Here, all available fields are collected. Let’s check some of them:

Advanced Phone Field requires a phone number and a Timezone label. It’s a good choice for international companies that would like to know where their clients are from.

Number input requires min and max numbers from clients. For example, use it when you need to know the minimum and maximum amount of hours clients are ready to spend on training.

Select one gives you different options to pick from.

Simple text input allows you to ask any questions, like favorite clients' place to meditate or their worst experience with some company.

Step 3. New form editing

Once you add a form, your next step is to fill in all its lines. Doing so requires a few steps:

Enter the name of your question in the Label line.

In the Placeholder line, enter the text you’d like users to see in the field they need to fill in.

If you’d like to make some information obligatory, put a tick near the Required line.

Step 4. Submit button****

After you place and name all needed fields, don’t forget to add the Submit Button. Forms don’t work without it, as once customers fill in information, it should be sent to the database, and this is what the Submit Button takes care of. To add it, follow the next steps:

Find the Submit button in All fields.

Drag and drop it in the Add here line. Pay attention that this line has to become the blue color for the field to appear.

Enter its name in the Label line.

Choose its color style in the CTA style line. To know more about it, read this article: [LINK TO ARTICLE ABOUT COLORS]

Decide where the button will be placed in the Alignment line.

Step 5. New field settings######

After you add and edit as many blocks as you’d like to, it’s time to finish all its settings.

Add the name of your form in the Name line.

In the CRM name line, enter the name of the form which will be used in CRM internally.

In the Success URL line, create a special link that your client will be redirected to once the form is submitted. It can be external or internal.

If you choose the Form clearing function, the form won’t be cleaned after clients submit the form, so all their entered information remains on the page.

Remember to press on the Save button TWICE. (firs time right in the settings menu, second time after having the view on the whole form)

Now, as you’re almost done, you can preview your form. Simply check it in the Preview section, and if you’re satisfied, then save it. You can easily find any form by its name and place it wherever you’d like to.

In case you have any questions relating to this topic, contact our support team right away.
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